McCord Stewart Museum

Client : Musée McCord Stewart Year : 2019 Budget : 180 M$ Location : Montréal, QC

Preliminary design study for the expansion of the museum

The project proposal for a transformed building of nearly 300 000 square feet was used to evaluate the project’s construction cost.

Following the preparation of the technical and functional program and a siting study in the Quartier des Spectacles, DMA was mandated once again in 2018 to evaluate the feasibility of meeting the projects objectives through a major expansion project on the McCord Museum’s current site.
The project included a feasibility analysis of the regulatory framework, the architectural potential as well as the electromechanical and structural requirements with the assistance of engineering firms. Conceptual renderings illustrating the new projects potential and main features were developed and used to publicly launch the project and its funding campaign.
Photo credits : DMA architectes
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