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May 26, 2021
Place des Pionniers Competition - Gatineau : The in situ + DMA consortium wins
Our daring knowledge rewarded.
"The jury would like to point out that the winning team has distinguished itself by the high quality and the excellent development potential of the project for subsequent phases''.

The jury celebrates the creativity of our team: in situ + DMA in collaboration with civiliti, EXP and LEM Experts-Conseils, by declaring us the winner of this competition.

Being among the 4 finalists out of 19 proposals received, it was with great excitement that we presented our concept in detail to the jury on Monday, May 17. It is based on 4 key principles.

1-Turn your gaze towards the Ottawa River
2-Open up to the vitality of the city
3-Dialoguing with Old Aylmer
4-Placing light at the heart of the concept, proposing a route to a lookout point on the Ottawa River.

Congratulations to all the participants. We know how much a competition requires an extraordinary strength of proposal but especially an enormous capacity of work on behalf of the whole team and this, until the very end.

The complete project will be online soon. Please follow us.