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April 20, 2021
Place des Pionniers Gatineau Contest - DMA among the finalists
The new PLACE DES PIONNIERS is an architectural, landscaping and urban design project regrouping a library (current Lucy-Faris library which will be demolished) and municipal services. The conceptual approach developed by our team composed of: in situ + DMA architects - civiliti - EXP - LEM experts-conseils won over the jury among the 19 proposals received.

"I congratulate the finalists of the competition. This building will certainly become a landmark and a source of pride for Gatineau. "Isabelle N. Miron, Councillor and Chair of the Commission des arts, de la culture, des lettres et du patrimoine.

The program takes place in the heart of Vieux-Aylmer. This core is a major cultural, administrative and commercial urban destination. The project is therefore a signature building (LEED V4 Silver target) contributing to the attractiveness and dynamism of the area and to the sense of belonging of the people of Gatineau.