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  • RAIC College of Fellows nomination: Jozef takes his place among architecture's greats
    March 30, 2023
    It is with a great feeling of pride that we have just been informed that Jozef Zorko has been officially nominated to the College of Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

    A Montrealer by birth and by heart, Jozef Zorko has dedicated his career to the conservation, protection and rehabilitation of built heritage through his many projects of varying scale involving classified buildings by federal, provincial and municipal authorities.

    Starting in 1984 at DMA architects with Maurice-Desnoyers (also an RAIC Fellow who passed away last January) and André Mercure, the renovation and expansion of an industrial building intended to house a public market, specialized stores and movie theatres was his first challenge. This new complex will become the very famous Faubourg Ste-Catherine completed in 1987.

    The following decade will see two main lines of his professional career take shape, namely the preservation and rehabilitation of Canadian heritage architectural jewels and the science of construction, particularly that dedicated to building envelopes. This expertise was supported by a thorough knowledge of, and passion for, the Construction Code and Standards, a subject on which he has become an uncontested expert.

    His track record and accomplishments attest to his ability to deal with complexity. The redevelopment of the Supreme Court of Canada (Ottawa), the interior renovations of the Justice Building (Ottawa), the conservation and rehabilitation of the Library of Parliament (Ottawa) illustrate, among other projects, his ability to develop unique conservation strategies adapted to the challenges encountered.

    Beyond his profession as an architect and generous by nature, Jozef also passes on his expertise to the next generation by teaching the Building Code and construction standards to future architects at the OAQ for nearly 35 years.

    The adventure continues. He has recently been entrusted with the role of architect responsible for heritage conservation in the major rehabilitation project of the National Printing Bureau in Gatineau, on behalf of Public Works and Government Services Canada. This is the fourth building signed Ernest-Cormier (also an RAIC Fellow) on which Jozef has worked during his career as an architect, after the Supreme Court of Canada, the Montreal Courthouse (Ernest-Cormier Building) and the Roger-Gaudry Pavilion of the Université de Montréal.

    This is a true consecration, a well-deserved tribute to a rich career and great achievements that make the entire DMA team proud.

    Congratulations Jozef.