Drummondville Library

Consortium : DMA & Chevalier Morales Architectes Client : Ville de Drummondville Year : 2017 Budget : 23 M$ Location : Drummondville, QC

Construction of the new public library

Awards and Honours

2019 - Grand Prix of excellence of OAQ

2017 - LEED Gold Certification

2014 - Winner of the architectural competition

The Drummondville Library project is inspired by the history of the city and more particularly by its industrial past marked by hydropower.

Moreover, its location in the heart of the city, not far from the St. Francis River is crossed by a power line. The library faces the new ice rink, creating a unified civic space, the use of which can vary according to the seasons and the programming of events.
Inside, in a vast public space, are the vertical circulations including the turbine stair, another reference to the hydroelectric past of the city. The latter is composed of two off-center spiral staircases that provide multiple views of the library and the garden adjacent to the reading lounge.
The tiered-seating that brings the two floors together is a space for families that also acts as a bridge between the youth zone and the adult zone. It is also a special place offering views of the skating rink in the winter or of the landscaped area programmed with activities during the summer.
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