J.-Armand-Bombardier Pavilion

Consortium : DMA/Provencher Roy/MSDL Client : Polytechnique et Université de Montréal Year : 2004 Budget : 52 M$ Area : 18 970 square meters Location : Montréal, QC

Construction of the J.-Armand Bombardier Pavilion dedicated to applied research at Polytechnique

Awards and Honours

2005 - Finalist for the OAQ's Grand Prix d'Excellence, institutional projects

2002 - Canadian Architect Award of Excellence

The result of joint funding between the Université de Montréal and École Polytechnique, the building links the two campuses and brings together researchers from both institutions to share their experience and knowledge.

The J.-Armand Bombardier Pavilion (PJAB) is a world-class science and technology centre based on the integration of science and industry.
Covering an area of 18,970 m2, this new five-storey pavilion houses nearly 6,000 m2 of laboratories. The laboratories are surrounded by a band of offices and separated from them by an atrium that receives natural light from a skylight and large glass façades.
The building also includes two floors of underground parking dug into the rock and nearly 400 m2 of support space. The structure is made of concrete and the envelope is composed of glass and brick masonry.
Today, Polytechnique plans to buy back the Université de Montréal's share of the building to create new research spaces for its exclusive use. DMA, in consortium with NFOE, has been mandated to carry out the TFP for this new project, planned for 2021.
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