Centre des Arts de la Scène Jean-Besré

Consortium : in situ + DMA Client : Ville de Sherbrooke Budget : 5.6 M$ Area : 1 600 square meters Location : Sherbrooke, QC

Competition for the realisation of a cultural centre specialising in dance and theatre for young people

Awards and Honours

2017 - Architectural Competition: Among the 4 finalists

Ce lieu de diffusion spécialisé est rattaché au Centre des Arts de la Scène Jean-Besré afin de proposer un pôle culturel fort.

The City of Sherbrooke organized a design competition for a cultural centre dedicated to children and youth.
Suitable for the presentation of theatre and dance performances intended for a young audience, the project includes a 300-seat variable geometry space.
Photo credits : in situ + DMA
The concept consists of a fully glazed skin surrounding the performance space and defining a welcoming architecture that is open to the city and whose human scale will be appreciated by the young public.
It affirms its identity by its form, its clarity and its permeability, which contrast with the introverted character of the existing. A large green roof on the new volume extends towards the linear landscape created by the railway.
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